Welcome to castlecake! Here you may find Peter's animations, art, and other tidbits. Please have a peek at the pages on the left, especially the Film, Graphics, and Writings! Enjoy yourself, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Castlecake was started as a partnership between two young professional students with a passion for creative media (namely Peter Kimball-Evans and Anthony Harris).

 We produce online content, and aim to reach out to new companies/bands/products and provide them with media to help get them known. Below you can find out all about our work processes and experience...

The people
 Peter is an animator who studied Animation at UWE in Bristol. He has written, directed and produced short films (i.e. adverts, music videos & stories), as well as content for websites and mobiles. Currently, Peter is working as a digital animator at Headcast Lab based in Falmouth, Cornwall. During his time at Headcast Lab, he has gained experience in 3D motion capture, social media, and professional video editing. He also enjoys Skittles and Dr Pepper.

 Anthony handled the marketing accounts at castlecake, alongside his work writing and producing short film scores. He studied Business and Management in Cardiff and currently works as Account Manager at Publicis London. While Anthony doesn't work on castlecake productions anymore, he provided a pivotal role in getting the company up and running. He also has a (healthy?) addiction to Green Tea.

What can we offer you?
1) Microsites
2) Idents
3) Jingles
4) Animated music videos
5) Viral Marketing
6) Mobile content
7) Interactive banner advertising
8) Short film production

Our background includes; advertising work with Skittles, TV ident for ITV, short films for Terrance Higgins Trust, dutchwest.tv (now involved with collegehumor), The Junk Buster and more. Take a look at our films on the past work page!

Why might you need us?
Maybe you're launching a new product? Or you need to promote yourself and tell people what you're about? Maybe you just want to boost your brand awareness? Why not get in touch and see how we can help you achieve this?

Our Process
We carry a friendly, informal service through to our work, ensuring that we understand everything that is required and desired from the project. How do we do this? Just involve the client every step of the way!
Each stage (Problem, Discussion, Presentation, Development) is discussed with the client before we proceed.

The first step is the problem. The client has a problem (not to be rude, but they do). They want to get their idea/product/brand out to the world in a way that will appeal to the public and/or be memorable, but have not the ideas, creative flair or technical means and know-how to achieve this goal.
 We like to communicate with our clients with the friendliest and most hospitable approach possible. We understand how the idea of searching for and approaching a production company to make your media content could be a daunting task, especially for a new company.

Next comes the discussion. Any problem can be solved in a number of ways. To use an old saying, think outside the box! Any idea is a valid idea, we just need to whittle down to the most appropriate!

 We say 'discussion' instead of 'ideas' because our process involves a good number of chats. Sitting at a coffee table with a couple of notepads, playing with ideas, discussing how they solve the problem and how we can create them (and the feasibility of some of the more abnormal ideas).

Now we have our nicely polished and refined ideas, and we are eager to get working on any of them, we just need to know which of them the client finds the most appropriate, or falls in love with, via a presentation.
 We draw up boards, refine visuals, and make a neat little package to excite the client and show them how achievable the product is, which makes everyone involved very eager  to get on with the work ahead!
 If the client disagrees with the direction we aim to head in, we take in as much feedback as possible and loop back to the discussion phase to tackle the problem to better suit the client's desires. Once everyone is happy with the project we estimate costs and production time, then leap on into development!

Different types of productions go through different development cycles. In general, for a short film, a script, storyboard and character designs should be drawn up first, and as long as the client agrees then we move on to flesh out every other aspect.
 Soundtracks are decided and thrown on top of an animatic (the animated storyboard) for the actual animation to follow.
 If we are producing a music video, then the client will provide the sounds, and we visualise!
 As stated earlier, each production requires different tasks in the development. More character based animation requires line-tests, whilst more graphics based films need more time spent considering typefaces and layouts.

Development is over and the finished product delivered. If multiple products were required such as a short film, a banner ad and a mobile application, then we usually handle each one in turn, starting with the most important content (usually the film).
 After delivering the content, the client may require final changes, which shouldn't be too hard, as  their requirements were closely followed throughout the production and the final product should be everything they need.
 We send an invoice, they send their regards and everyone is happy; then we all make friends and hopefully continue business together in the future.
 We hope you've enjoyed this little trip through our process and that it helps you confidently decide to let us work with you in achieving exciting and new media content! Don't be afraid to start a nice chat with us in the 'get in touch' page, and of course feel free to peruse the fruits of our labour in the 'past work' section. Ta ta for now!